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Indiana Jones 5 Indy 5 Trailer

The Indy 5 trailer begins with the Paramount Pictures mountain logo, then the Lucasfilm logo appears. The iconic Indiana Jones theme music starts. The screen turns black.

A scene showing General Wu Sien Wai (villain of the military of China) speaks the following words to Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford).

General Wu Sien Wai: "The Universe can keep no secrets from us. We will eventually control all of reality."

Indiana Jones gives a warning: "There are dangerous secrets none of us should learn."

General Wu Sien Wai quickly states: "Unlike you, we have no fear."

Screen goes dark, then suddenly British military commandos are seen fighting Chinese military soldiers.

Fade to a new scene with Sallah (John Rhys Davies) and Indiana Jones together.

Sallah says to Indiana Jones in an ominous manner.

Sallah: "This may be our last quest. Time eventually runs out."

Indiana Jones has a worried look on his face and speaks to Sallah: "You might be right. We've never faced anything like this before."

The screen goes to darkness, then Mutt Williams (Shia Labeouf) and Indiana Jones are seen running at full speed:

Mutt Williams screams: "Why do I keep agreeing to get involved with your insanity ? ! ? !"

Indiana Jones replies wryly: "This is actually one of my better days if you can believe it."

Turns to a new shot with enormous sharks swimming in an ocean.

Fade to black. Lightning is seen in the sky with extremely loud thunder noise.

There's a new scene with Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) with Indiana Jones.

Marion Ravenwood speaks with great doubt for the future: "We're never going to have a normal life."

Indiana Jones says to Marion: "Unfortunately, this is what we expect."

Screen fades to black. A shot of Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams and Nevin (British military commando) is seen.

The heroes watch as the holy cross of Jesus Christ from the crucifixion by the Roman Empire explodes with unlimited supernatural fury.

Mutt Williams looks at Indiana Jones and says: "Are you finally willing to believe?"

Indiana Jones is in a puzzle dazed, but replies back: "I've never seen anything like this before. It's the end of the world"

Screen goes dark again.

The title logo of Indy 5 appears on the screen.

Indiana Jones and the Eternal Cross of Paradise

The end of the Indy 5 trailer.

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Indiana Jones 5 features the genius original story idea from George Lucas, Indiana Jones 5 movie directed by Steven Spielberg and the Indiana Jones 5 cast featuring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Shia Labeouf as Mutt Williams and Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood.

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