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Indiana Jones 5 opens in the exotic Mongolia located in Asia. Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams and their side kicks are searching for the lost and hidden burial tomb of the great Genghis Khan, the leader of the fallen Mongol Empire.

After Indiana Jones finds the secret tomb, Indy Jones and company are captured by the Chinese communist military and they are taken back to a secret headquarters base in China. However, Indy Jones and company are freed by English military commandos and the heroes are all taken to London, England.

At the British military enclave, the British military explains to Indiana Jones what is going on around him. Indiana Jones learns from the English that the Chinese are on the hunt for the elusive holy cross of Jesus Christ, which the Romans utilized to crucify Jesus.

The British are worried certain clues will lead the Chinese to the clandestine location of the holy cross and subsequently the unlimited supernatural power of the holy cross will allow the Chinese to control the world in perpetuity forever.

Indiana Jones agrees to help the British military get a hold of the holy cross before the Chinese can find it. A veteran British military commando named Nevin accompanies Indy Jones and Mutt Williams during their quest around the world trying to locate the secret resting place of the holy cross.

Eventually, Indiana Jones successfully finds the holy cross, but in the end Indy Jones must keep the Chinese from taking the cross from Indy Jones. The Indy 5 movie concludes with a massive battle between the British military and the Chinese communist military fighting over the holy cross with the fate of the planet in the balance.

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Indiana Jones 5 features the genius original story idea from George Lucas, Indiana Jones 5 movie directed by Steven Spielberg and the Indiana Jones 5 cast featuring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Shia Labeouf as Mutt Williams and Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood.

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